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Krumit Plumbing

Krumit Plumbing was founded in 2017 by Werner Smit, who decided to take the experience and knowledge he gained over the years to start his own business.

Since then they have grown into a successful plumbing business.  Werner's vision for Krumit Plumbing is to provide excellent service to his clients, that prove that they are the best in the industry. 

Werner is a licensed plumber with specialisations in Solar water heating and Heat pump.

Regardless of the time, or day, when a plumbing disaster strikes, our team of experienced and qualified plumbers is available 24/7.

Krumit Plumbing 24 hours Registered Plumbers


Werner Smit.jpg

Werner Smit, owner and founder of Krumit Plumbing

Chantelle Smit.jpg

Chantelle Smit

Maryke Raath.jpg

Maryke Raath

Chad Kopke.jpg

Chad Kopke

Elliot Musemwa.jpg

Elliot Musemwa

Tanaka Makanda.jpg

Tanaka Makanda

Martin Els.jpg

Martin Els

Ernest Raath.jfif

Ernest Raath

Khululani Mtengwana.jpg

Khululani Mtengwana

Polite Kwenda.jpg

Polite Kwenda

Alfleen Dhlamini.jpg

Alfleen Dhlamini

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